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Ostia Antica (The Old Habour City of Ancient Rome)



We took almost the whole day to visit Ostia Antica, the old habour city of ancient rome, since it was a large archeological site – we arrived there at 10am and we left at 4pm. They have a restaurant inside – half way through from the entrance till the end of town.  It is around 17 km from Rome and the entrance fee is 10€.

The castle of Julius II is just in front of the Ostia Antica’s entrance.  It was built in the late 15th century, remains the most striking feature of modern Ostia. The castle was abandoned after a flood in 1587 flooded its moat and turned the surrounding area into a marsh. The castle and the town were restored again in the 20th century.

Source: Ostia Antica


The Castle of Julius II

The Road inside the town

The Road inside the town


Inside the theater


The mask theater


Inside the town


Inside the town


The baths

The restaurant

The restaurant


The fish store

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