Varone Waterfall (La Cascata del Varone)

The Varone Waterfall (La Cascata del Varone) is a beautiful place with not only a waterfall, but also a garden with beautiful flowers. It was a great experience for me to see this unique waterfall. It was basically a waterfall that had carved deep slots into the mountain, there were a couple of caves where we were able to see parts of the waterfall’s drops. It’s 10min from Tenno city or Riva del Garda. Enrance fee for adults 5,50€.

If you need something to cool you down, is it a nice place to go to but you should take something to cover you from the cold and water drops as the temperature change is quite significant.The waterfall drops of almost 100 metres.

I was very excited to see this big and high waterfall, especially, with the cave which we can enter and feel the water drops and listen the rhyme of waterfall. Absolutely, you might not be able to see it clear because it’s high but you can hear it. Here you can see the erosion of the limestone rock by water over 20,000 years. It’s the first time for me.

As you can see these photos, I was absolutely not able to take photos because it’s quite dark and the water drops – it’s really amazing to hear the water drops.

On the stairs which you can go to see the waterfall from the top and here it’s a photo captioned from the top but it wasn’t that clear.


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