The Vatican City and Castel Sant’Angelo

The Vatican City

Many tourists came to visit this place and it took us 1 hour standing in the line – well one hour was really priceless since we could see the beautiful basilica with its magnificent architectures.  It’s a free entrance but in case you wish to skip the line – you can contact a guide there for helping you to get in fast but I don’t know how much they will charge you. For us, we went in the morning around 9.00 am but actually many people were waiting there already. Well, I missed a chance to visit their amazing museum because I was in rush.


Panorama of St. Peter Square

P1080901 (2)

St. Peter’s Basilica


St. Peter’s Basilica and a beautiful Egyptian Obelisk column



The Polychrome figure of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove


The Chair of St. Peter


The Statue of St. Peter


The central nave of St. Peter’s Basilica


Michelangelo’s Pietà


I was so amazed to be able to visit


Swiss Guards in their traditional uniform


The Castel Sant’ Angelo (Castle St. Angel)

The Castel Sant’Angelo is near to the Basilica of St. Peter so it’s a good to visit all these places. From the top of the castle, you can also be able to take many beautiful photos and the entrance ticket is 7 €.

The castel was built during in 123-139 A.D. and the bridge was built in 130 A.D.


Ponte Sant’Angelo and Castel Sant’Angelo

Well, beside the stairs – they also had this one too. I felt amazed with this walking way.


It looked beautiful for me


Castel Sant’Angelo viewed from the other side of the river.


Bronze statue of Michael the Archangel, standing on top of the Castel Sant’Angelo


Viewed from the top of the Castel Sant’Angelo


The Treasury Rome





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