Bernkastel-Kue, Germany


The hilltop castle with it’s 25m high, was lived by various family generations in century 12th . The inner ward was surrounded by buildings and walls.

Beside this beautiful castle, this area is also well-known as winegrowing center. The taste of wine is so so good. Don’t forget to taste it if you are there.

In this village, you will find many beds & breakfasts – since here it’s also one of the tourist areas so you will find many interesting things to do and to eat. Just don’t forget the German foods and beer are so good.

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As you can see, along the road is really green.


Mosel valley, taken from the castle


Mosel valley, taken from the castle


Viewed from the hilltop. Here is just a peaceful place. I am sure you will like it. Don’t forget to visit if you are on the way to Cochem.


Mosel Valley is just along the river


After the entrance. The ticket is 2.5euros per person.


In front of the entrance


The walls look still beautiful even after a big damage and long long time built.


Viewed from the top


Me, walking inside the village.


Just the beautiful restaurant


Here was the stair for going up and up 🙂


Another view from the hilltop


This one is the chimney.

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