Cochem Castle, Germany


It was a short time for me and my husband to take a very quick visit in this small area but it’s totally amazing. The Cochem castle is surrounded by the Mosel river while the castle itself stands on the tom of the hill which is the perfect place to see all the views around. We do like our short visit!

2 Taken from the bridge!!! Here they have many restaurants along the side.


Inside the village



Long time ago, people in this castle believe on this mermaid angel for making a wish by touching on her belly 3 times but the wish must be kept secret if they want to make it become true.


Behind the castle


Near the entrance (The ticket was 3 euros per person – they have split the visitors in group with one guide.)


Viewed from the castle, surrounded by Mosel river

On the way

On the way to Cochem village. I was just so amazed by the view along the road. Yellow flowers were just a long 🙂


Just stopped to take some pictures 🙂

Cochem at nightCochem Village at night


Cochem castle at night

Greek food The Greek food’s just so good. I do like eating it.

Greek food-liver


This one is also Greek food – Greek salad 🙂

German food

I was recommended to take schnitzel, so here it’s German food.

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