Green School Project – Fund Needed


Green School is the newest and calm project in the jungle of remote area of Stung Treng Province. This project is called Education in the Jungle; it is organized by Mr. Long Lypo, a school director and run by Sabay Organization. Having seen the current and the need for the growth of the young generation in this rural village that we found many children who have no school to study and most of them have never learned their own language – our hearts shocked and made us couldn’t stop dreaming a school for them because those lovely children really need help as they really want to be educated. So our team (SABAY) has initiated a fundraising campaign aiming at raising money for a provision of a green school building. The cost of this construction is expected to be approximately US$5,000.00, and all budget raised from donors will be 100% used for the project activities without leaving any allocation for administration cost but might be withdrawn on the occurred expense due to the fact of project run.

Your contribution will make a change in approving education of many children in Cambodia. Education is for all so join hands so that we could reach out to those who cannot afford it with ease.


Located around 45 Km from the provincial town of Stung Treng Province, this community has 45 children who cannot be able to travel to school in the town due to the lack of transportation and money. The place is very remote from the next village and the streets are barely accessible. As a result up to 45 children do not have access to education and therefore a promising future.

There is a teacher in the village who teaches the children from time to time. Unfortunately she earns only 20 dollar per month. This salary makes it impossible to live without additional pay check (e.g. field work). As a result the teacher can only teach occasionally. Moreover heavy rain during rain season as well as heat waves makes outdoor teaching difficult.


Is to build a school and offer a monthly paid work to the teacher which allows the children a consistent education which will serve as a starting point for their future.

short-term goals

A school building:

The wooden school building will be built with three indoor. Thus we have the possibility to divide the children into three different classes.

A monthly salary for the teacher:

The monthly salary of the teacher, we provide a daily lesson. Therefore must not be used on the field and they can concentrate on teaching.

School supplies:

Desks, blackboard, books, pencils, textbooks and school uniforms are essential utensils for a serious lesson.


The children should learn its language (Khmer). We want them to the 33 consonants, 24 vowels and 14 initial vowels written and verbal command.

Long-term goals

English lessons

A second teacher is to teach the children in the morning in English. In Cambodia, it is now important to master the English language.

Medical care

We want the children to ensure that medical care. They should be able to see a doctor in case of illness or the hospital.

NOTE: All children In this remote area will benefit from the project, for the immediate benefit is that those children can access to education. In the future, all those children in this remote village who have never been able to study will have a chance to get education. In a more indirect way, this project promotes a link between local community and the education system in supporting children’s learning. The community participation and contributions seek to create partial local ownership of the school and the as the whole. The parents’ concern related to transportation, money, and school uniform including study material will be reduced and the green school will contribute in giving hope for their children’s future, while the accumulative illiteracy in the community will also be reduced. This Project will not be limited or targeted the duration or age so we will continue to raise fund until the school is completely finished.

Kindly contact to for donation!
Sabay – Help the Kids’ Homepage:

Thank you in advance!

Green School first class – It’s still remain too many things more

Green School’s students

Are you happy to see their smile? Thus they are still waiting more study material

Sabay Team is working so hard to raise fund to complete the wall of this class

The School uniform for student age 10 years old and 8 years old

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