The Power of Soroptimist!

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
There’s nothing quite like Soroptimist!
You give me hope and let me cope
And offer great remuneration.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
The path to many amazing things;
A fancy heart and kind;
A life of power and inspiration.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Provides a firm and strong foundation
For better lives improved by drive,
By effort and by motivation.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Requires a lot of perspiration.
I can bet – a lot of sweet,
And just a pinch of inspiration.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Let me sing from my heart!
For, all sisters who strive and have the drive
May someday I meet and greet!

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Sing aloud in exultation!
And that you helped me to finish my Master Class
I’ll always shake your hand in admiration.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Let me say I am grateful and thankful
For all the work you have done
Those are so much called motivation.

Soroptimist, Soroptimist sisters;
Let me put the words into ACTION just because of the Girls and Women
I now just want to say
I feel so powerful and proud to be a Soroptimist!!!


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2 responses to “The Power of Soroptimist!

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