Honoring Women in My Life

Taken with My beloved mother:)))

International Women’s Day on March 08 is meant to appreciate those who have the biggest but quietest influence in our lives. People around the world stop and take a moment to honor the women in their lives, and those around the world. One of the honoring women in my life is my mother, she is a strong woman who inspires me to go forward to break the barrier to get my goal. She is a real heroine for me. She has given me warm take care and encouragement even she was too difficult to earn money to look after me but she’s never said she was in trouble. I love you MOM!

SI Phnom Penh Charter Day on July 04, 2010

Second one of honoring women in my life is SOROPTIMISTERS, I joined and became a Soroptimist in May 01 2010 before the SIPP Charter Day in July 07, 2010. This WORD of SOROPTIMIST inspired me to become a member and volunteer to bring women and girls in Cambodia a new HOPE and SMILE that our project is Breast Cancer Awareness as we are doing workshop, seminars, trainings to University students, Communes and the other communities to get more knowledge about prevention of Breast Cancer.

I have been supported and inspired by many Soroptimist sisters around the world. I could never stop dreaming and believing my LIFE is being grown once I am named a Soroptimist – I feel more stronger that I am able to be part of change agent to help my community by raising awareness of  breast cancer.

Because of Love and Care as it is our Soroptimist’s Sign that Soroptimisters always Help each other when we are in need so I was sponsored a school fee for the final semester of my Master Course in 2011. I was sponsored to attend One Young World in Zurich, Switzerland and also was offered a new beautiful Laptop too. Anyways, I might not able to write the detail now as I will share this honoring women for my short presentation at SISWP conference in Christchurch, New Zealand in May 2012. See you soon!

Left to right: Jensine Larsen, a Founder of World Pulse, I, Beatrice from Uganda and Martha from Colombia spoke at Mercy Corp – Portland, Oregon, United States.

The third one of honoring women is World Pulse. I joined World Pulse in August 2010. It gave me many oppotunities to meet many people around the world. Moreover, after 5 months citizen training, I have built more capacity and hope to caught my dream. It is my great honor to be selected as an award-winning among of many countries across the globe who applied for the second annual Voices of Our Future Program to traveling to the US for the media and speaking tour.

I have learned a lot from people there to achieve my goal to make a change in my life, my family, my community, my county and the world. It is always a bridge to bring me success. I want to show those people who never want to talk to me that even I am a girl and was born in a poor family but I never lose my dream for better life and bring change to community. I was so honored for being selected as one of the 3 that not only bring me an honor but it gives me the power of voice to speak out loud about my struggling life and I also have a wonderful chance to spread out more about the power of media that has changed my life through this amazing platform Worldpulse.

These powerful women always inspire how to be strong and a helpful person in society!


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  1. You are the best….keep working so hard!!!!! my love Martha Llano


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