Great Events in my LIFE

World Pulse Live 2011 @ Paley Center for Media, New York

2011 was seem a great year to start my journey traveling miles and miles from my beloved home sweet home to represent Cambodia. It was such a dream to speak to the international audiences which was not my own language Khmer – but that was English. I couldn’t ever imagine I had a chance to go to the United States even I didn’t have much money in my pocket. Wasn’t it funny traveling abroad without much money? But it was happening to me ready so just trust you will have a chance if you never lose hope. It was more than a hundred listening me and my fellow correspondents Martha from Columbia and Beatrice from Uganda.

Three Correspondents with World Pulse Staff at Mercy Corp, Portland, Oregon

After five months long training, the 3 correspondents among 30 women were selected by the committees, mentor, midwifes and World Pulse Staff for traveling to the five cities of America to represent the voices of women world wide and also to share our experiences through media as a Citizen journalist on World Pulse Media.

World Pulse Live at the University of Denver

Looking to this picture made me so excited and couldn’t forget the nervousness while I was speaking on the big stage to speak an other language was not my own one. Hearing many people clapped their hands in front of me – it was such a wonderful enjoying and welcoming to three of us. I couldn’t stop believing that I was speaking in front of many people on the big stage at the University of Denver.

Broadcasted at the U.S Department of State at Washington D.C

I don’t have any words to express my feeling about having a chance to speak there. everything was coming to me without expectation – The broadcast Live was started at 7.00am (the Washington D.C time) and finished at 8.30am. After sharing our stories – struggling lives to be educated and for rainforest, we got many questions from the audiences. All those questions are always kept with us.

World Pulse Live at Bioneers Conference, San Rafael, California with Gloria Steinem on the Stage Topic in No Women No Democracy

Another big event’s called the Bioneers Conference 2011 held at San Rafael, CA in October. We were very excited and happy to speak on the stage for Bioneers Conference which had over a thousand people there. We had learned much from the other amazing people there and also I was so happy I could see Gloria  Steinem in person.

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