One Young World 2011

It is me holding my beloved country’s flag to the world in Zurich, Switzerland

Traveling miles across the ocean for first time to represent Cambodia, as an ambassador to Cambodia at One Young World Submit at Zurich, Switzerland, I was so honored and privileged to get this amazing opportunity. I was only able to make it together with the help of Gwendolen Webster, SI Athen, and Catherine Tribolete, a Chariman of SI Extend Committee of Switzerland.

I would like to give my heart-fullness thanks to the President of SI Swiss Union, Ursula Jurzi, who decided to sponsor me to attend One Young Word 2nd Submit at Zurich and all the Soroptimist sisters, Marianne, Catherine, Ursula, Irris, Lilo, Jeanette and Marianne’s sister in law, at Switzerland for hosting me after the conference. With this I have brought an impact into my life, my club, my family and my whole community.

Also, I have never forgotten my World Pulse sisters for giving me this opportunity. Without World Pulse, I wouldn’t have had a chance to attend One Young World. Thanks so much all World Pulse family. I come back to my home, World Pulse, after leaving for a while to finish my work, my study and other tasks. And Now I come Back to you all.

The resolutions related to Media, global health, environment, global business and leadership are more about the actions done by young people around the world, where summit is used as a platform to gather and exchange ideas. After the lunch program, all the delegates were taken to the trip along the Lack of Zurich for the country flag presentation and the official opening ceremony of One Young Summit at Kongresshaus Zürich.

As a Cambodia flag bearer, I felt I was very proud to hold my flag to the world. Seeing the 192 different flags and over 1500 young people from around the world gathered to exchange ideas and projects, it made me so excited as it was my first time to see many amazing people around the globe. It was what the most experience I have gotten in my life.

I was very interested and inspired by Women Up and Leadership Plenary so much, Fatima Bhutto, Writer, Journalist and Activist and the counselor of the summit describes how women raise community and the importance of educating them where she explained the benefits of educating women. “It is not just herself but for the larger network” including community in the long term. She also highlighted the fact that not all women can make a world better place. “It is not true that all women can make better world, but it’s about leadership.” She requests everyone especially women to fight ethically whether they are “inside” or “outside” the power.

Moreover, Mercedes Erra stated some of the current gender issues by showing some facts. Mercedes focused on the facts of illiterate women where “2/3 of the 774 millions of illiterates in the world are women.” On the other hand, “On 500 largest corporation in the world only 13 have a female CEO.”

The submit was ended with a big smile from each delegate, the conference inspired us to bring an impact back to our own country, community, family and ourselves. Muhammad Yunus, a Founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate stood up at the stage and said the delegates to takes the impossibilities. “Very soon what you think impossible today will be common tomorrow so don’t ignore any impossible”. It is what the most encouraging idea to improve ourselves to be strong to go forward and break the barrier.

After the One Young World submit, I was treated and hosted by Soroptimist Switzerland. Ursula Jutzi, a President of Swiss Union and Catherine Scheurer – Tribolet, a Chairman of SI Extend Committee of Switzerland took me to Bern, I was taken to Basel and Liestal in next day by Marianne and Catherine. I am very inspired and excited to see many amazing buildings and places in Switzerland.

Finally the day came when we had to separate. I had to leave for airport at 8.00pm on 07 September 2011. With a heavy heart, I had to say good bye to Marianne as she was the last person who was with me at the airport. Moreover, I must thanks to everyone both World Pulse family and Soroptimist family for making it happened and for helping me creating wonderful network across the globe.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Rever Rhine, Basel, Switzerland

Ursula, Me, Pritz and Marianne

Jeannette Simeon-Dubach , Me and Ursula Jutzi

Ursula Jutzi (a President of SI Swiss Union), Catherine Scheurer-Tribolet (a Chairman of SI Extend Committee of Switzerland) and Me

World Pulse Team, Me, Nilima & Sunita from Nepal and Thais from Brezil

Nilima from Nepal and Me from Cambodia

Flag Presentation on the stage

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