21st Century, Internet is a FRIEND | World Pulse

21st Century, Internet is a FRIEND | World Pulse.

the Power of InternetInternet affects my life by means of aiding me in my daily tasks and it also helps me preserve mass bodies of knowledge and most of the times, it shares these stored knowledge. In a technologically gratifying era of the 21st century, Internet is something more than a bare necessity. It has spread their wings far and wide to make the world seem a smaller place.

Internet is very useful now these days because the educational sector, multi communication have recognized a sea change in its functions and procedures with the involvement of Internet. Students prefer to gather data about a particular subject by downloading stuffs from Internet, which is often written by scholars or researchers. Moreover, it can help me in my research, therefore it can make my daily tasks easy which were I can save time.

The Internet offers many things such as Online Shopping, Group Discussions, Information, Entertainment and many more.. The Internet can be considered as my best friend because it provides me Entertainment if I am lonely, it can provide me information when I lack some, it can serve as a telephone to call the grocery store if I am tardy. The Internet has many uses which I can rely on like Facebook, Twitter, and also Skype that I can use it for calling or joining a conference call to discuss things.

Also, without internet – I might not have known World Pulse neither communicate nor make friends a cross the globe to bring impact to our own selves. With accessing to the internet, I am able to advocate and volunteer for a few organizations to heal the lives of women, girls and poor people through my country. I can communicate to my Mentor and Midwife, my fellow correspondents and others through World Pulse, Facebook , Gmail and Skype. Especially, with internet – we can get education by Online Course so we can study even we are in our country and far miles a part.

In Cambodia, the internet is not so wide as its speed is not so fast for the normal connection such as mobile phone connection and Modem USB, thus it is good for me even it is so slow for calling or skyping because it gives me many benefits how to have multi-communication with people around the world. Also, I have bought a Modem USB once I got the fund supporting from World Pulse for securing the cost of internet during the training and it also helps me able in doing research with my work and study through the Modem USB connection. I am really grateful to World Pulse for supporting me for $300 for securing the cost of internet during the training. Anyways, it is still be big barrier for me to get education through the internet as I need the higher speed to complete what I want so every time I have conference calls or skyping to friends, I still need to go to the internet café where its speed is faster than the Modem USB device.

With the internet, I can blog my own writing – stories to the world through World Pulse and I know many friends from a round the world because of the internet. It is a very special tool to bring people look forward into their future. As technology improves, the internet revolution has a quicker and deeper impact on more and more lives.

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